Combining the physical and digital worlds

Aamica develops products and services based on a deep appreciation and understanding of factors related to well-being.

What is Aamica?

The issues of loneliness, isolation, illness, suicide and mental health affect us all. Aamica aims to help reduce the toll of such conditions through a unique combination of technology and physical applications. Our goal is to improve mental wellbeing of individuals and ensure loved ones feel connected.

Aamica helps you counteract loneliness, and disconnection by creating a groups of love and support for someone you feel needs help. Aamica groups have been used by a troop to stop a fellow soldier with PTSD from committing suicide, used by bridesmaids to support a bride, and by Moms and Dads worried about their kids leaving home for the first time and by many individuals needing help reaching their goals.

There are 2000 suicides in Australia each year, the implications of which reach $1.7 billion

The U.S. Medicare cost resulting from social contact among elderly people reaches $6.7 billion per year

The cost of loneliness for employers in the U.K. reaches $2.5 billion each year

Amulet & Features

Features of the Amulet
  • Unisex design
  • Be large enough to hold an NFC chip
  • Can be worn on the wrist, around the neck or as a keyring
  • Splash proof/ waterproof
  • Robust enough to last 5-10 years
  • Stylish and reliable design





Aamica's Story

Aamica was founded in direct response to a number of suicides by young people in our community, some with little or no obvious prior signs of depression, anxiety or being subject
to bullying-either online or in person.

Once we started to investigate the numbers around suicide globally we were stunned, the incidence of both attempts and suicide itself have been increasing-not decreasing, despite higher levels of awareness and significant funding being allocated to help address this socially devastating issue.

Perhaps we were missing something? There will never be a magic bullet that will mitigate/remediate in this space-it is too complex and individual in nature to ever have just
one solution, but maybe we could help a little?

Having developed a platform that enabled biographies and life stories to be accessed by a smart phone through a wearable we felt with some modification it might be able to help in the mental health space? Instead of life stories what if the messages behind that wearable (pendent, necklace, bracelet for example) were messages of love, support and affirmation from family and friends?

We sought the input of stakeholders in the mental health community and received unqualified support, including the world largest anti-suicide training Company Living Works wanting to partner with us.

As we have moved forward with development is has become clear that Aamica has many other vertical opportunities and are developing modules to prosecute them over a period.

A unique commercial and social impact opportunity, Aamica will be a dynamic force for goodin the world. We’ve already coalesced an amazing group of passionate and engaged shareholders together with an award-winning Executive team.

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